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Art and social networks? A challenge to take up

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The digital revolution could not fail to bring about profound changes also on art, in particular from the point of view of dissemination and promotion.

The social network explosion could not fail to concern artists who have hardly given up on creating social accounts where they can present their works, promote their art, advertise their initiatives.

I have also begun to relate and get passionate about the world of image and fashion also thanks to social networks. So I started following various artists and photographers on Instagram, a social platform based on the image where I later started sharing my creations.

My experience with Instagram leads me to have mixed feelings. Those who know this social network will probably have noticed that a selfie tends to have a far greater interaction than a thoughtful and studied post published on social networks more focused on debates, such as Facebook or Twitter.

This led me to reflect on how if on the one hand Instagram is certainly a powerful means of communication and self-affirmation of one's art through images and concepts, at the same time this social platform appears as a standardization of the orientation of taste and favors a kind of Aesthetic Mainstream.

The average Instagram audience may therefore not appreciate innovations and in general everything that is ahead of its time.

A conscious aesthetic perception, on the other hand, should presuppose the ability to look beyond, moving in a dimension open to artistic innovations.

The creative in this sense could suffer from the inability of an average user to appreciate the imagination and the search for original expressive languages.

So does it make sense for an artist to share his art on social network?

The answer for me remains yes. For an artist, creating his own space on social media remains fundamental since the risk of not being understood and valued is balanced by a great opportunity: to create a community that supports us and appreciates our work. The challenge in this sense consists in not satisfying the taste of the average user on social media but patiently accompanying followers to understand our art. In other words, use social networks without being used.

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