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My vision of beauty

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I like to define my work as "my vision of beauty".

But what is "beauty" (assuming that it exists)?

From my point of view, beauty is the hardest thing to capture in the stillness of a shot. Because for me it is not static, it is a fluid and ineffable concept. Beauty is that set of behaviors, the way we lower our shoulders when we breath, the way we speak, walk, in short, how our mind has grown into our body. In fact, I believe that achieving it is one of the biggest challenges for those who work with the image. "Beauty" a word that I have heard many times in my life and that I hear even more often since I started this job. It's such a controversial topic ... however, I must admit, it has always fascinated me a lot. I guess both for the abstraction and for the subjectivity of this concept. I seek beauty in everything and I never stop thinking photographically. For me, beauty represents the path and the tension towards an ideal of harmony and balance that is the basis of all artistic research, or at least mine.

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